Juneau Trail Guide

How to use this page

  • Use mouse scroll wheel or +/- toggle on map to zoom in or out on an area
  • Clicking on trails or cabin symbols will give some information on the selected feature
  • *We are currently working on collecting GPS data for all trails.*
  • If there is something that you would like to see added to this page, or a problem that needs to be fixed, please submit your feedback using this form. 

Hike for a Pint

Hike for a Pint trails are highlighted in red on the Trail Guide. 

If a punch is missing at a station, please take a selfie with the punch station and email [email protected] about the missing punch.


If you are interested in booking cabins, you can click on each individual cabin on the map and it will provide you with a link to that cabins web page. Also, the Juneau Cabin Calendar is another useful tool for booking!

Leave no trace

Please recreate responsibly and follow Leave No Trace principles . Let’s keep Juneau trails clean and fun for today, tomorrow, and future generations!

Be prepared

The 10 essentials for hiking in Juneau

  • Navigation and Communication
    • Paper map and compass, GPS device, inReach, etc.
  • Appropriate Clothing and Footwear
    • One day it’s sunny, the next is rainy. Be sure to have the appropriate gear for your hike.
  • Extra Water
  • Extra Food
  • Headlamp
    • Always handy to have a light source in case you get stuck out after dark
  • Sun Protection
  • First Aid Kit
  • Knife/multi-tool
  • Fire making tool, i.e. a lighter
  • Emergency shelter, such as a lightweight space blanket
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