Greetings Trail Mix, Inc. members and supporters! Spring has arrived and the trails are calling your name. We hope you are out enjoying the improvements we made last year to the Treadwell Ditch, the Salmon Creek Trail, the Switzer Marriot Aquatic Trail, the Horse Tram Trail and many others! We have another very exciting season planned. Our big news is the $660,000 Pittman Robertson Grant for the Treadwell Ditch! The Juneau Community Foundation really put in some heavy lifting on getting this grant, and we are excited to work with them over the next five years to make significant improvements to the trail.




What a spectacular community we live in! In our 26th year as an organization, we find ourselves reflecting on the growth and quality of our world-class trail system, all thanks the founding group of passionate people who had a mission to improve Juneau’s trails. As we look to the future, our work is far from complete. In partnership with the U.S. Forest Service, Alaska State Parks, the City and Borough of Juneau, and others, including Juneau Community Foundation, we have plans to continue expanding and improving for many years to come. None of our success would be possible without an incredibly supportive community. I encourage all of you who enjoy Juneau’s trails to become members of Trail Mix, Inc., volunteer with our volunteer group or for our trail work days, or attend our annual fundraising dinner in November. Your support is what makes this all possible, and we couldn’t do it without you. See you on the trails!

Rebecca Hall, Trail Mix, Inc. President

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Saturday June 1st  9 am to 2 pm

On June 1 more than 40 volunteers joined our Trail Mix crew to help improve part of the Montana Creek Trail on National Trails Day. The Juneau Empire ran a great story about the day, which helped connect trail users with the actual work of building and maintaining trails and strengthen our already vibrant trail community here in Juneau. Many thanks to everyone who came out!


Treadwell Ditch Trail Improvements

If you haven’t heard, the Juneau Community foundation secured a large grant from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, and thus raised enough money to complete nearly all of bridges and tread-work on the Treadwell Ditch over the next five years. 

There is a match requirement that needs to be met. We could use your help. There will be a fundraising effort over the next few years, but you can help now! Give the Juneau Community Foundation a call at (907) 523-5450 or visit their website at 


Treadwell Ditch Trail Gorge Reroute

If you are familiar with the Treadwell Ditch Trail you know the reroute just to the south of where the Bonnie Brae Trail intersects the Ditch. Currently it is a muddy slog through a muskeg. It won’t be by the end of the summer. We have a new alignment that we worked out with the USFS that will be hardened gravel trail accessible by mountain bikers and hikers.


Horse Tram Trail

We started working on this historic trail that connects the Eagle Valley Center to the Boy Scout Beach trail. We plan on finishing it this year. Keep an eye out for volunteer opportunities. 


Outer Point Trail 

We worked hard in 2014 to turn the Outer Point Trail into a fully accessible trail, but the beavers had other ideas and flooded us out. Hard to keep up with the little buggers when they don’t take weekends off like we do. However, we are working with CBJ and have the trail accessible once again.


Switzer Marriot Aquatic Trail 

We are once again working with the combined Rotary Clubs of Juneau and CBJ Parks and Rec to improve drainage and add gravel. It’s impressive to see just how much improvement can be brought to a trail when the community works together and this trail is a perfect example.


Indian River Trail Sitka

We have a crew headed down to Sitka again this year to continue to improve drainage and build bridges on the Indian River trail. Check it out next time you are visiting our neighbors. 


Trail brushing and maintenance 

As always, we’ll brush and maintain all City and Borough of Juneau managed trails. From the entire Perseverance Trail system to the shortest beach access, we hit ‘em all! 






We cannot thank our many members and supporters enough for their valuable contributions! It is how we are able to accomplish as much as we do. 

Once again Mendenhall Auto Center chose Trail Mix as the beneficiary of the Subaru Share the Love Campaign. They raised $8,500 for Juneau’s Trails! We can’t thank them enough, and everyone who bought a Subaru this winter (we’re in a good town for that).

That is not all though, we live in a very giving community and want to recognize substantial contributions from the Juneau office of Merrill Lynch, The Blue Heron Fund, Hecla Greens Creek Mine (they gave us a sweet truck!), Doug Scudder, James Barron, Greg Pilcher & Hilary Young, Richard Gordon, as well as our over 450 members and supporters who have all contributed to making Juneau’s trails world class! 

We also would never forget our local sponsors. As you probably all know Nugget Alaskan Outfitters, Foggy Mountain Shop and Cycle Alaska offer awesome discounts if you are a member of Trail Mix, and they have been for years. Thanks! If you don’t know about the discounts the details are on our website. 

If you are not a member, but enjoy the trails and want to contribute, find details on how to join at



Nov. 16th Centennial Hall. Save the date! Last year was the biggest and we hope to make this year even bigger! We will keep you up to date as we make plans.