Greetings Trail Mix members and supporters!  Spring has arrived and the trails are calling your name.  We share our Spring newsletter with you all and hope this finds you everyone in good health and spirits.

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Message from the President

Isn’t it an amazing place we live!   Trail Mix began with some passionate people who were interested in improving Juneau’s trails.  Twenty-five years later look how far we’ve come.   Thanks to the energy and spirit of this town we have built a trail system that is world class.  And we are not done.  Not by a long shot.  In partnership with the U.S Forest Service, Alaska State Parks, the City and Borough of Juneau and others we have plans to continue expanding and improving for many years to come.  None of the success would be possible without an incredibly supportive community.   It’s hard to believe Trail Mix is celebrating our 25th Anniversary!  I hope those who enjoy Juneau’s trails will become Trail Mix members, give time to trail work on one of our volunteer days or attend our fundraising dinner/auction in November.  Help us make this the best year yet.  See you on the trails.

Doug Scudder, Trail Mix President

What’s New

Volunteer Trail Maintenance Team (VTMT)  The concept of a volunteer trail maintenance team with the USFS started last spring when five Trail Mix members took part in their chainsaw certification course.  We will continue our volunteer trail team to supplement what our professional team does on the USFS’s mid-Treadwell Ditch trail this season. That means we will be improving the trail tread with rooting, mucking, cribbing and additional gravel.  We’ll begin sometime in April and access this season will usually be from the Blueberry Hills Spur and parking lot in West Juneau.  This is the easiest bicycling access to the trail and a shorter distance than anything we did last year. Dan Moller Trail is another access option. There are also still a few slots open for the Wilderness Responder course we are taking April 24 and 25, 2018. If you are physically fit and enjoy improving our trails, please contact Dave Haas at or try 586-4783.


Thanks to a generous donation from Ed and Marjorie Huizer we have established a Long Term Investment Account at Scottrade.  This fund is intended to be used very sparingly for now.  We hope that with additional contributions and growth of the fund it can become a meaningful source of revenue to support trails in the future.

With the renewed emphasis on the Treadwell Ditch Trail, Trail Mix is collaborating with the Juneau Community Foundation (JCF) on an agreement for funding trail improvements for Treadwell and other local trails.  Treadwell needs approximately 30 small bridges and several thousand feet of trail improvement to turn it into a viable multi-use trail. JCF will be raising funds for the Treadwell Ditch Trail through one of their Field of Interest Funds,  the Parks, Trails and Recreation Fund. Contact Jamie Waste at JCF for more information on this at 523-5450.


2017 Trail Mix Accomplishments

2017 was a very busy year for our Trail Mix crew and volunteers.  Trail Mix crew consisted of one foreman and 8 trail workers.  Approximately 600 hours were spent on Trail Mix projects to construct the following trail improvements:

Paris Creek Bridge Installation – Paris Creek Bridge was designed, purchased and built in 2017. Trail Mix crews installed the bridge and built approach trails to the new bridge site.  Trail Mix volunteers hardened and improved the trail heads on each side of the approach trails.  Paris Creek Bridge project was funded by the CBJ 1% Sales Tax measure.

Treadwell Ditch Trail Bridge Upgrades.  Two bridges were designed and purchased in 2016.  In 2017 Trail Mix replaced bridges on Kowee Creek and Eagle Creek. The project was funded by an agreement with USFS Juneau Ranger District. A requisite match has been funded by over 1,000 volunteer hours.

Outer Point Trail – Trail Mix crews worked to remove failing boardwalk and harden natural tread with D-1 gravel.  Trail flooding due to Beaver activity has created a causeway trail to avoid flooding.  Project was funded by CBJ Parks and Recreation Department.

North Bridget Cove Access Trail– Trail Mix improved trail tread, signage and built natural timber structures (stairs, small bridges etc.).  The trail was hardened with natural rock and on-site timber materials. The project was funded by CBJ Parks and Recreation Department.

Jordan Creek Sediment Trap – Trail Mix, through an agreement with CBJ, cleaned the Jordan Creek Sediment Trap in the spring and fall. The project is funded by CBJ Public Works Department.

Juneau Trails Brushing Contract – Under a CBJ brushing contract, Trail Mix crew brushed all of the CBJ trails including Perseverance Trail.

Wukuklook Beach Trail and Bear Paw Lake Trail, Hoonah – This was a continuation of the first Trail Mix project outside of Juneau.  At Wukuklook, Trail Mix crews leveled and added expanded metal grating to a boardwalk, installed a staircase and cleared a logjam.  At Bear Paw, Trail Mix crews worked to add D-1 gravel to the trail tread, build and install two picnic tables.  The project was funded by Federal Government with a requisite match by a non-cash contribution from Trail Mix.

Crescent Lake Trail (Cordova) and McKinley Lake Trail (Seward) – Trail Mix crews traveled to Cordova and Seward to improve trails under Federal Government agreements. At McKinley Lake trail in Cordova Ranger District, Trail Mix crew constructed 20’ double stringer log bridge.  Crescent Lake trail (Seward Ranger District) involved Trail Mix crew brushing and clearing 7 miles of trail as well as trail tread improvements with natural materials.

Shoup Bay Trail (Valdez) – Trail Mix was contracted by Levitation 49 to clear and brush 10 miles of trail in Valdez as lack of State funds did not allow for trail maintenance.  Trail Mix hired local crew members and provided a Trail Mix foreman.  The project was funded by an RTP grant awarded to Levitation 49.

Montana Creek Bridge Improvements  – Trail Mix crew partnered with CBJ Parks and Recreation and the Juneau Nordic Ski Club to widen the Montana Creek Bridge and create safer passage with the ski grooming machine. Materials used to widen the bridge came from the CBJ Glacier Valley Fire Department remodel (Glu-lams) and the Aurora Harbor boat harbor project (bridge decking).  This project was funded by CBJ Parks and Recreation Department and volunteer labor from the Nordic Ski Club.

Cross Admiralty Canoe Route (Admiralty Island) – Trail Mix worked hand in hand with the USFS Admiralty National Monument trail crew to construct puncheon boardwalk between Mole Harbor and Lake Alexander. This project was Federally funded with a match provided as a private in-kind contribution by the Boat Company.


2018 Proposed Trail Projects

Projects scheduled for the Trail Mix crew in 2018 include the following:

  • Treadwell Ditch Trail Reroute at Bonnie Brae
  • Treadwell Ditch Bridge Upgrades – North Fork Eagle
  • Salmon Creek Dam Trail Improvements through an agreement with AEL&P
  • Mendenhall Wetlands Access Trail off of Industrial Boulevard through a donation from the Smith Family
  • Jensen-Olson Arboretum Parking Lot Trail
  • Southeast Land Trust North Douglas Stair Access for Fishing Access, Ed Huizer Donation
  • Switzer Creek Education Trail Improvements through Juneau Rotary Clubs
  • CBJ Jordan Creek Sediment Trap cleaning
  • Trail brushing of all CBJ managed trails
  • Indian River Trail Improvements, Sitka
  • Sarkar Canoe Route Boardwalk Upgrades, Prince of Wales Island


Volunteer Days

National Trails Day is Saturday, June 2, 2018, and in conjunction with this day Trail Mix will hold a volunteer trail improvement project.  Check our web page,, for more information in the upcoming months.


Membership News

Current Trail Mix membership is some 450 members strong.  At Trail Mix there are two ways you can make a difference and we encourage both: 1) Become a Trail Mix member and 2) Volunteer on one of our volunteer days.  We offer 7 levels of membership, with members receiving local Juneau business discounts for being a Trail Mix member.

Why Join? Why Renew?
Trail Mix is a non-profit organization which relies on its volunteers and members to be sustainable.  A dollar donated is a dollar spent building trails and restoring a favorite route.  We are very fortunate to live in this community which is home to the best trails in the world and thanks to our members we will continue to be stewards of Juneau’s trails.

Corporate Level Membership: Trail Mix will begin offering corporate level membership for local Juneau businesses. The corporate membership will include the corporation’s name and website linked to our Trail Mix website, as well as recognition at our Annual fundraiser banquet. More information can be found on our website at

We cannot thank our many Trail Mix members enough for their valuable contributions year after year which helps us accomplish so much in the way of trail maintenance and improvements.  Trail Mix’s success in providing world-class trails depends on your membership and contributions.  We especially want to recognize substantial contributions from CHARR, the Juneau office of Merrill Lynch, The Blue Heron Fund, Hecla Greens Creek Mine, Doug Scudder, James Barron, Greg Pilcher & Hilary Young, Richard Gordon, Mendenhall Auto for the Subaru Share the Love donation, Nugget Alaskan Outfitters, Foggy Mountain Shop and Cycle Alaska.


Save the date for our Annual Dinner and Auction is scheduled for November 17, 2018.  Stay tuned for details!